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Posted by on Mar 20, 2016 in News |

Tasty painting gets feature placement at White+Wong’s

Tasty painting gets feature placement at White+Wong’s

John Eaglen’s painting “End of Service” was unveiled last week, prominently hung in the bar of White+Wong’s – Auckland’s new “modern Asian” waterfront restaurant.

The three subjects in the painting had just seen off the last contented customers from their Chinatown street food stall in Singapore in 2007. It wad the moment when everything comes to and end, whether fine dining or street stall, the time when things quieten down, and you put things in order, both literally and figuratively, before the next day and a new beginning.
But it not just the beginning of a new day but the beginning of “Yu Lan Jie” – the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts. This festival is about putting to rest the troubled spirit. That night, everywhere was smoke. From incense, from tiny fires in the street gutters, to smoke from a hot fire in a 40 gallon drum brazier. All these are remnants of traditional offerings made to seek rest for the ghosts of the dead.
John says about his painting: “These are real people. They were much as I have depicted them. Their surroundings are mostly as they were that night.” Since that day in 2007 this painting has evolved over time, first in the artist’s mind, then in sketches and eventually in study paintings. John is very pleased to have completed the work early this year and unveiled it at White & Wong’s this month.

Go and check it out when at the waterfront in Auckland this month, or better yet visit John at his studio during the Open Studios on the middle two weekends in April.

Chinatown in Singapore street stall staff after a busy day

End of Service, 101cm x 137cm, acrylic on museum quality hand stretched canvas.  Completed January 2016