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Studio Kirsch Design

Design For the Arts – Aim Beyond Commercial Maximization

award-winning designer Daniel Kirsch back on board


We’re excited to have designer Daniel Kirsch back on board to work on the tour design this year. Daniel has been developing the design for the event over a number of years now and is excited about this year’s outlook. 

“Working as a creative team with Nigel and Matt has been great. It’s been fun doing cool stuff together, and even more so when it’s for your fellow artists! says Daniel.

Daniel is also one of the tour artists again this year which lends a lot of relevance to the event for him. Being both a professional designer and artist offers him the best of both worlds. The cross-pollination between the two fields is mutually enriching and inspiring and shows through in the designs we are enjoying for the event.

Over the years Daniel has won numerous awards and has been involved with judging them, too, like the BeST design and Pride In Print awards. He has got a passion for great print and developing unique designs based on a thorough understanding of the production process.

Daniel based himself in Coromandel in 2001, from where he custom tailors design solutions for his clients. Despite his European background and training Daniel has always favoured keeping things close to home. Many of the local brands around Coromandel Town have been shaped through Daniel’s studio. He has set course for sustainability in his design practice long before the term was coined and became fashionable.

Daniel finds it gratifying to work on projects that have an aim beyond commercial maximization, that make peoples’ lives better in some way. Whether it’s design for environmental organizations, guide systems in public spaces, user-friendly time tables for trains and buses or simply developing effective communication tools for local individuals, something that really works and thus allows clients to focus on what they are good at, and make a living out here.

“Basically it’s anything that makes some kind of positive difference in someone’s life. If you have this talent and training and long experience, it only makes sense to put it into service for people and what you can believe in”, says Daniel.


Studio Kirsch Design is a Benefactor of the Coromandel Artstour 2013

designer Daniel Kirsch