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Robyn Lewis

Coromandel is home and muse for Robyn Lewis – its hills and beaches drew her to the region and shape her work. Her country house there represents a life of artistic creativity.

Calling herself a ‘maker of things’ she works intuitively and is inspired from all directions, from naive and ethnic art, to architecture, textiles, fashion, and particularly landscape.

Robyn works in several mediums. She felts fabrics and clothing with merino and silks and dyes them with plants from her garden. Felting involves experimenting with surfaces and textures and the colours that come from dyeing with plants are the same natural ones that arise from her work in clay. She makes sculptural vessels featuring surface texture and calligraphy The processes are very simple and immediate and the results earthy and sensual.

She also make jewellery from pieces collected on her travels in Asia. Bold combinations of silver and semi precious stones that satisfy a long fascination with ethnic jewellery and objects.

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