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Patrick Greene

Sadly, Taranaki born Patrick Greene passed away recently.
Despite having spent over 20 years as a cartographic draughtsman, his love and devotion for art saw him develop in a very short time to become a free, loose and very accomplished watercolourist for which he received numerous awards.
Patrick has left a pictorial legacy that has captured the changes that time has brought to Coromandel over the last 40 years. He has recorded in his very own, sometimes quirky way, numerous landmarks, places, buildings, the wharf, shops and Barry Brickell’s railway to name a few.
His whimsical, cartoon like, even poetic sketches are instilled with life. His pencil and ink line work seems to rhythmically dance over the surface.

This Arts Tour will provide the first opportunity to purchase some of his work from the Kowhai Watercolour Studio of Barbara von Seida.