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North – Up Town

Coromandel town up to Driving Creek   –  9 artists, a fantastic vegetarian cafe, and Driving Creek Railway – a full day!

Ever since Barry Brickell moved to Coromandel back in the 70′s to boldly establish a bush railway and potteries the Driving Creek area has been a real creative hub. The Driving Creek area is about 3.5 kms to the north, so it is a good 40 minute walk from town. On the way you can visit painter Alan BeaverCindy Alger and Ben Kennedy.  Tucked up in the bush, surrounded by native forest and birdsong is ceramic artist Mike Cogswell, who’s lustre glazes are seen in galleries throughout the country.

Around this area there are enough artists to fill a whole day, plus a great cafe – the Driving Creek Cafe – which serves as a bit of a town centre for this end of Coromandel. Up around the Driving Creek area, there are 7 artists within walking distance of the cafe, studios nestled amongst the lush native bush, and of course the world famous Driving Creek Railway. You’ll find painter and cookbook author Deborah Hide-BayneCaitlin Moloney with her ceramic bowls, tiles and screen prints, Caitlin shares a studio with screenprinter Pete Sephton. Across the road is painter Diann Cade, and then a little to the north are artists Robyn Lewis and Nigel Sparrow. This is a truly unique part of town and well worth an afternoon, or even a full day!