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Nigel Sparrow

As part of the local Coromandel arts collective, The Source, Nigel has been producing creative works that focus on utilising two different mediums.

One of these is the use of modern industrial technology to produce images and text on hard surfaces. Nigel uses a sandblaster to produce one off designs on rock and glass.

One area of production is individually carved pebbles and rocks with deeply carved images or text inscribed on them. These can be as large as the 90 kilo rock situated on a boundary of Nigel’s property down to a small pebble that can be worn as jewelry.

Sandcarving on glass is another way of utilizing this technology. Recently Nigel has been producing vessels and vases with sandblasted designs that transform a simple vessel to a more subtle and complex decorated item.

The other main area that Nigel works in is the creation of watercolour marbled fabric. Watercolour marbling has it’s roots in marbled papers created for the end papers of books. This technique has a history going back to the 12th century with both Turkey and Japan producing marbled work dating back that far.

Nigel pioneered transforming the technique so that it can be transferred to fabric and made colourfast.  This enables the production of clothing – mostly utilizing natural fabrics – that can be washed in a normal manner.

Nigel has been working in this medium since the mid-80’s but hasn’t worked on a large scale in Coromandel until he set up his studio at home in Flays Rd in 2011. He is now set up to create lengths of fabric up to 2.5 metres long.

>  Nigel will be demonstrating this unusual fabric technique as part of this year’s art tour.