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James Webster

James has been working in the arts for over 20 years. He is a freelance multi-disciplined artist specializing in sculpture and working in the fields of carving (bone, stone and wood), painting and other mixed-media creations.

James is also a Tamoko (Maori tattoo) artist.

He is the maker and player/ performer of Taonga puoro (Maori musical instruments). Over the past seven years James has been involved in the revival, making, and performance of karetao (Maori puppetry). James is of Maori and European descent. His tribal affiliations are Tainui, Te Arawa and pakeha. He is the owner/ operator of Tahaa, Tamoko Studio and Maori Arts.

‘kei a te po te timatanga o te waiatatanga mai a te Atua. ko te Ao, ko te Ao-marama, ko te Ao-turoa.’

‘It was in the night that the gods sang the world into existance.’ (Matiaha Tiramorehu, 1849)