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Deborah Hide-Bayne


Deborah emigrated to New Zealand from the UK in 2003 and now produces an eclectic mixture of watercolours, printmaking and collage. Her work is delicate and subtle, and shows the quiet observations she makes about herself and the world around her.

Trained as a printmaker at the prestigious London art school, Central St Martins, Deborah worked in the UK for a number of years as an illustrator and fine artist. When she moved to NZ, she became preoccuped with the way of life here in Aotearoa, as well as a turning her passion for food from a hobby into a career.

In December 2012, Deborah published a successful cookery book, Coromandel Flavour (1200 copies sold to date), and is now busy working on her next book… the content (diary entries and recipes), photography and illustrations. Come and have some input; Deborah is interested in seeing your reaction to her new work and hearing your views.



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