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Artist List

These are the 2016 Coromandel Open Studios artists. Click Here to download a PDF map

Far North – Colville

1   Greg Taylor

South Coromandel

2   Kevin Brett

3   Vaughan Udall

4   Raewyn Penrose

5   Jan Linklater


6   Barbara von Sieda

7   Kay Ogilvie

Coromandel Central

8   Tony Calsaferri

9   John Eaglen    (Hauraki House)

10  Sally Tennent Brown (Hauraki House)

Coromandel Top Town  – north

11   Mike Cogswell

12   Marian Cogswell

13   Louis Kittleson

14   Petra Meyboden

15   Diann Cade

16   Caitlin Moloney

17   Pete Sephton


Here is a map of locatons. You can also download a printable PDF by clicking here.