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Allan Beaver

Allan was Born in Hamilton. As a young school student he won numerous awards and prizes for freehand sketching and drawing. As an Upholsterer by Trade his freehand skills were of great assistance to the drawing of plans and designs. His love of the Outdoors, Pig Hunting, Deer Stalking, Fresh and Salt Water Fishing shows in the Landscape works that he produces today.
Allan’s first choice media was Oils, but since having lessons in pastels he now enjoys both media, and still enjoys free-hand sketching. He is mostly self taught, with the assistance of the occasional day tutor, with the Coromandel Art Group of which he is a member. In the past 2 year he has been to courses with Maxine Thompson, and as a member of P A N Z he has attended their courses.
Allan has a studio at 95 Pagitt Street, which he opens to the public, and is a member of the Coromandel Artstour each year.